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The Memoir Institute is dedicated to assisting writers in shaping their life histories into professional literary memoirs. Guest authors at Memoir Institute have included notable writers Ron Nyswaner (author of the memoir Blue Days, Black Nights Oscar nominee for the film Philadelphia and Independent Spirit Award winning writer of The Painted Veil; Zachary Sklar, screenwriter JFK, Mary Louise Wilson, Tony Award winning actress for Grey Gardens and author of the memoir Village Life, published in The New Yorker; Nina Shengold, novelist (Clearcut) and Writers Guild award Winner for film script "Labor of Love"; John Bowers, author of memoirs The Colony and No More Reunions; Da Chen, author of the memoirs Colors of the Mountain and Sounds of the River and the novel, Brothers, and Laura Shaine Cunningham, author of the acclaimed memoirs Sleeping Arrangements and A Place in the Country, both national bestsellers, first published in The New Yorker magazine.The Memoir Institute offers creative writing guidance, from highly regarded authors, to assist aspiring memoirists in shaping their own life stories into literary works.The Institute has perfected inspiring techniques in memory retrieval and designed a series of writing exercises proven to be of enormous aid in helping  new authors shape original works of professional quality. Writers are assisted through online editing, in-person mentoring, or immersion sessions.  Programs are tailored to fit individual writers' manuscripts, toward the goal of publication.

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